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Blitz Brigade 1.2.0

Blitz Brigade 1.2.0 Free Download

free download

Play the war battlefield with the humor you didn't know you missed


The time for competitive First-Person Shooters for mobile devices has finally come. Blitz Brigade is an online multiplayer FPS developed by Gameloft specifically for mobile devices with the Android or iOS system installed. Similar to Team Fortress 2 for computer, this game, could be the equivalent for the Wacky Races cartoon series in the world of videogames, and is free to download with a really funny way of playing.

In Blitz Brigade, the player has 5 different classes available to play, each one with their own skills and default weapons that make them unique. This way you can play as a soldier, the class with medium weapons and average stats; the gunner class, which attacks with heavy guns, an outstanding health but is clearly slower than the rest of the classes. The medic class can heal his allies and performs deadly attacks in close quarters while the sniper prefers long-ranged shots. Finally, the stealth class relies on the speed and damage lacking the high health level of the other classes.

The design of the characters tends to be comical instead of realistic

In the graphical aspect, the game presents a great design with simple textures and vivid colors. The design of the characters tend to be comical instead of being realistic, with for example; a samurai model for the stealth axis class and other models full of clichés. The visual aspect of the game is really good, but, for running the game on a mobile device; the specifications are quite high even for mid-range devices.

Shoot'em all

Join my side

The gameplay of Blitz Brigade is team-based and is composed of two different teams, Axis and Allies, but instead of the skins of the classes, both are similar in any aspect, so both sides are balanced. There are over 100 different weapons available, so it will take you time before you can control the working process of each one. For this, you can practice in the single-player mode, which offers the player 120 missions to complete that will put your skills to the test.

However, the main aspect is, undoubtedly, the online multiplayer game mode. This mode includes the classic deathmatch and capture the flag; this time called domination, as well as maps with different sizes which will affect to the number of players playing at the same time. Additionally, you can drive different vehicles such as a Helicopter for shooting your enemies from the sky and a powerful Tank to give them a taste of your cannon.

Designed for mobile devices, the game uses all the features that touchscreens offer. Some players will argue that the controls for this kind of games are awful on mobile devices, and in Blitz Brigade it doesn’t alter too much, but thanks to a better aiming system it is more comfortable than other games for smartphones that available to download.

Beware of the stealth class
Beware of the stealth class

Blitz Brigade 1.2.0 Features

Check the unique features for Blitz Brigade, available for mobile devices:

  • Practice with the 120 available single-player missions that will put your skills to the test and will enhance your way of playing
  • Main online multiplayer game with different modalities such as deathmatch and domination
  • 5 classes that show the variety of the gameplay: Medic, Stealth, Gunner, Soldier and Sniper
  • Helicopter and Tank for exterminating the enemy team with a little help
  • Up to 12 different players at the same time in the variety of maps that the game offers

For further details of this FPS for Android and iOS before the download of the file, be free to check the developer’s website.

Colorful graphics for mobile device
Colorful graphics for mobile device

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements your device needs to run this mobile game:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 5.0 or later
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX540 or similar
  • Size: 575MB free space for iOS and 1.4GB for Android

free download


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